We help you add value to your property!

We are professional installers  and suppliers of stackable doors, frameless folding doors, folding sliding doors, arch doors, pivot doors, wooden windows and much more.

We help you add value to your property!

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We are professional installers and suppliers of stackable doors, frameless folding doors, folding sliding doors, arch doors, pivot doors, wooden windows. We also take pride in enclosure of patios to give your home an extra room with a view. We also do decking and customized doors (custom build doors and windows).

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We established this business in 2008 as Husband and Wife Team, and business Partners by the Grace of God. I have always loved to work with wood. My hobby of working with wood then turned out to be our main focus of business.

Are your Wooden Doors and Windows in Bad Shape?

Our team will ensure proper maintenance and repairs are performed on all your wooden doors, windows & decking to ensure the longevity of your items which avoid costly replacements.

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I just want to thank you for the awesome and professional job that you guys did. If other companies just had a quarter of your service this country would be allot better off. I will definitely be keeping your number and recommend you to anyone
Chris van Rensburg
Thank you for the really professional, maintenance job you have done on my doors, windows and stairs. I am absolutely delighted. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your son.
Dianne Erasmus
Firstly just to say thanks for the work. Marionn and his assistant did on our sliding door. I really appreciate the way they worked and their professional and friendly attitude
Dave Standing
I phoned Ronnie to come and repair a folding sliding door that a previous installer messed up and is no longer in business. Ronnie had offered his friendly service to come and repair and re-align the door. Marrion, his son came out and did more than I expected. What great and prompt service. Thank you so much to Ronnie and his team for their professional craftsmanship that is still alive in South Africa
Bob Bladon
You know what Ronnie, I can't really believe what your Son has done for us, the door looks perfect like a new one. We really very very happy for your effort, God Bless you. Thanks so much, i hope you;ll get more customer for what you've done here, people are gonna ask.
Thanks to the whole team who did a great job in a friendly and efficient manner
Lawrence Clark
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Questions & Answers

We are always asked the questions regarding the treatment of all the wooden products that we do:

It is a recommendation that the treatment should be done twice a year just before winter as this is the time with the change in weather that causes the product to dry out after the rainy season and will cause the product to contract. The wood is still “alive” and will need some moisture to give it life or nourishment. The product will also appear to be dull. Thus indicating and craving a treatment.

The other occasion will be just before the rainy season starts where the wood needs to be protected from excessive water caused by the rain and in some cases irrigation systems running close to the dwelling.

It should not be a great deal of work if the job has been done right from the start. Some construction contractors and so called carpenters throughout the years in this industry has installed the wooden products to the best of there ability ,but left out the most important part of the job regarding protection or treatment of the  particular product say for instance a door that was installed. It is to protect the top and bottom of the door panel. These areas are always over looked and will never get the nourishment that wood require as we always say that your wood is or should be still alive. Have you ever seen a door where the outside is still intact but the core is completely rotten? this is the very reason the door or window or and wooden product will rot is the fact that it is never treated on the top and bottom or sides for that matter.In order to prevent this from happening is to remove the “door” and seal it from the bottom and the top  and make sure that the grain of the wood has obsorbed enough of the treatment product used to seal it of from any moisture that can possibly penetrate and cause damage.

Some customers has there own opinion on there particular brand and will live by it and this is perfectly fine. However if we can just think for a moment on the technical side of things “wood speaking” Wood is still a living organism and if you seal it of completely with varnish or paint it cannot breath(contract and expand)

The varnish in some cases starts to crack and chip away with the harsh summer temperatures and strong uv .This gives way for water to pennatrate and causes the wood to rot from the inside out , ants in turn like the moist area’s and will start eating and carry away the rotten wood to there nesting site.

Wood is such a wonderful product to use to increase the value of your home  and nothing is more important than to make wood look even better by applying a fresh coat of oil.

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