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We specialise in custom built wooden doors & windows

Below are some of the custom builds we have completed for our clients

This unique door was ordered by our client. The architect was very meticulous as to the design and the final product had to be the same as per the drawing. It was quite an exciting challenge to manufacture and produce such a lovely door. The final product was awesome.

I was asked to assist in finding a solution for a client in Randburg to enclose his garage as he really likes to work in his garage during his leisure time .

There was a however a problem with the security due to the fact that this property was also build like many others with the garage facing the street and anyone walking past can see into it. His fear was that the wrong person could come and remove some of his very expensive tools and train models.

We have finally decided that we need to build a door that opens like a stable door and also not to loose the light and have absolute privacy.

These doors are build with solid meranti wood and the stiles are 140mm thick in order to give it great stability.

The glass was to come next and we decided to go for laminated safety glass and have them sandblasted to allow privacy and allows lots of light for him to see without using unnecessary electricity.

Our client had a need to create space in the lounge because of the layout of her furniture and I suggested a door that is called a BI-Fold door . This was a standard frame opening and was made out of Oregon Pine .

This door our client wanted a bigger entrance with wider space. They wanted something different to give their entrance door a face lift. The result we gave them was breathtaking.

We make custom built doors to accommodate your animals movement, with comfort and ease to enter and exit your home. You will have full control of their movement by locking or unlocking the flap, leaving your home secure while you are sleeping or away.

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