Frameless Folding Doors

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Enjoying Beautiful Frameless folding sliding doors without feeling like you are in a frame.

These doors have a easy sliding action and elegant style

These doors will give your home a luxurious open feel and can be used to enclose patios, conservatories and huge openings. It still gives you the control to open part of the doors or to fully open it, as these are stackable doors, either to one side or on either side, depending on your door leaves.

We are professional installers of frameless folding doors, folding sliding doors, arch doors, louvre doors, pivot doors, wooden windows. We also take pride in enclosure of patios to give your home an extra room with a view. We also do decking and customized doors.

This trendy wooden product with frameless glass is a elegant product that gives you an open feeling with a wood finish. Instead of using canvas blinds or canvas curtains, you can use these stackable doors to enclose a patio and still enjoy your view of your garden while it is closed.

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