Folding Sliding Doors

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These wooden folding sliding doors will add value to your property.

Folding sliding doors create a beautiful focal point in your home. These doors can be customized to meet our client’s needs. These doors can be used as internal and external doors. Creates a beautiful atmosphere to your home as well as ads value to your property.

Our client had a stunning north facing patio that was a superb setting for warm summer’s afternoons. However in Winter the cold prevailing winds really lashed this wonderful patio and they were unable to use it. In addition their spacious home was situated on an Upper Class golf estate and they did not want to lose the magnificent views.

They also wanted a warm protected area for winter entertainment as well as a secluded private reading and relaxing area for cold winter days.

We sat down with them and came up with a unique draft proof design that still allowed for maximum opening during summer, and over winter they had the protection of shatterproof safety glass if a stray golf balls came their way. In addition, the thermal properties of the new glassed in patio helps to reduce their heating costs and extend their home with an additional room and adding value to their property.


During May 2011 we have received a request to convert existing steel frame windows in a lounge to wood . Our client and his family lives in this cosy home with a view over Northcliff from the lounge area.

They had the need to open this part of the house to form an entertainment area for their friends and family and these doors was just the exact  product needed to create the open plan look during the warm summers and still provides the security needed during the night.

We added extra security by fitting 6.38mm laminated safety glass and this also provides extra sound proof qualities.


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